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More On The Whole “Learning to Code” Thing

Scott Hanselman wrote an excellent piece on the “learning to code” discussion that occurring (still) on sites like HackerNews.  I feel he gets closer to the point of Atwood’s original idea.  Maybe a different angle.  The point is that you should learn to code if you have a burning desire to and more importantly if you have a need to.

Bloomberg would do well to learn how the internet works, but coding is not necessarily a requirement.  Same goes for Congress — because they have to deal with and legislate technological issues.  If you own a sink you should learn a bit about plumbing to know how it works.  Water doesn’t simply materialize out of thin air and enter the faucet and it doesn’t just evaporate in the drain.  Just as plumbing is a means to have a running water system in your house.  Coding is likewise a skill to be used to create larger systems but it’s no more a solution to anything any more than plumbing (as a skill) is a solution to supplying water in your home..

The point — Coding in itself is not a solution.