Where the hell have I been?

I always the “sorry I haven’t posted a blog in a while” posts, but this is one.  This blog is largely dedicated to iOS development bits that come across, and in short I haven’t been doing a whole lot of iOS lately.

I’ve been spending my time working with Drupal to craft web services for Mindgrub’s ongoing project.  It feels odd to be back in the PHP world again and especially strange to be working on Drupal.  In light of what I’ve been working with lately, I’ve got a couple of things I’m planning to work on for this site soon:

  1. Wrangling Drupal to expose services for use with iOS, or literally anything else.  Drupal is nice, but I find the lack of documentation for what I perceive as very simple things frustrating but it’s very common and very popular.  There may certainly come the day when you might be asked to connect to Drupal as part of an iOS development project.  I plan to outline creating a content types module in code as well as services to feed your iOS app.
  2. A practical guide to RestKit.  RestKit is in active development, so a lot is changing every day.  That makes most of the tutorials on the web a little out of date.  I plan to write a guide to using RestKit where you have an existing iOS app with an existing CoreData model in place.

One of my goals for the year was to branch out a bit.  I’m not sure that PHP and Drupal are exactly where I wanted to go, but onward nonetheless.


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