Some great iOS links from the past week.

Here’s a roundup of some of the things I’ve been reading from around the web this week:

Building mobile applications course at Harvard Extension School. I’ve been meaning to learn some android development. I think this is where I’m going to start.

NounProject – Need some icons for your next app? Give these a look!

Catching integer overflows in C – It certainly doesn’t come up very often, but every once in a while you’ll have to deal with integer overflows. This article details what they are and how to catch them.

Nextive JSON parser – I haven’t had opportunity to try this out yet, but word on the street is this is the fastest JSON lib around.

When Patents Attack – produced by NPR and This American Life, this expose talks about patent trolls like lodsys and their shady business practices. Here’s the direct link to the This American Life Podcast.

New iOS Devs Shouldn’t Use IB – Like this author, I’m an IB convert but when I started I was doing all my interfaces in code. The author talks about why all iOS devs should start like this. What do you think?

25 Amazing Open Source iPhone Apps – There’s no better way to learn than seeing how others do it. Check out these open source iPhone products.

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